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Are you considering giving IV therapy a try, but you’re worried about what to expect or how it can benefit you? IV therapy is a safe and effective method of providing your body with an extra boost of essential vitamins and minerals. Here are some common misconceptions about IV therapy that we can confidently debunk:

Myth #1: IV therapy is only useful if you are sick or dehydrated.

Fact: While IV therapy can certainly help with vitamin deficiencies and dehydration, it is also beneficial for prevention. In fact, VitaOasis offers IV infusions for expecting mothers to receive vital nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, several concoctions for athletes for optimal fitness performance, and even an “Inner Beauty” infusion to look and feel your best. Do you feel like you might be catching the sniffles? Our Immune Defense consists of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc to boost your immune system against infection.

 Myth #2: IV hydration is safe for everyone.

Fact: Unfortunately, some people should not receive IV hydration. If you are diagnosed with a condition such as heart failure or chronic kidney disease, your body may not be able to tolerate excess fluid or electrolytes. We require all new clients to complete a telehealth consultation with our medical director to ensure their safety.


Myth #3: The positive effects will only last for a few hours.


Fact: The effects of IV therapy will vary based on the selected infusion and each person’s health status. Not everyone will respond the same way.  Intravenous infusions have a higher bioavailability, which means you absorb more (almost 100%). Oral absorption is much less due to enzymes, stomach acid, food, or poor gastric health. When you receive an IV infusion, you’re getting a higher concentration of the vitamin plus increased absorption, which equals a greater uptake by your cells for longer-lasting results.

Myth #4: You can’t safely administer IV therapy outside a hospital or clinic.


Fact: Even complex IV therapy like antibiotics or pain medication can be administered in home settings by medical professionals. Our goal is to make wellness convenient and accessible. While VitaOasis offers our services at two locations, we also have staff available to travel to you. All practitioners are skilled registered nurses with plenty of IV experience.


Myth #5: IV therapy is only a one-time solution.

Fact: You certainly can receive a one-time infusion for a quick immune boost or random hangover, but many clients seek our services for chronic conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, and fatigue. One study showed improvement in Parkinson’s disease symptoms after consistent intravenous Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that reduces cellular damage. Just like you wouldn’t expect one dose of an oral vitamin to treat any deficiency, IV therapy works the same. Frequent infusions are ideal for optimal mental and physical wellness.


Are you feeling more confident about how IV therapy can help you achieve your wellness goals? If you have any lingering concerns, you can contact our knowledgeable medical practitioners, who will happily answer any questions. If you’re ready to start experiencing the benefits of IV therapy, book an on-site or mobile appointment today!