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Searching for the fountain of youth has been pursued since the beginning of time and has been gaining increasing popularity in the wellness community. Intravenous (IV) therapy for anti-aging has been one of the ground-breaking avenues recently sought after for its youthful effects. The goal of IV micronutrient therapy is to bypass the gastrointestinal system via an IV cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants administered into the bloodstream to ensure direct absorption.


Potential Anti-Aging Benefits of IV Therapy


Some benefits of IV therapy include improved hydration, enhanced healthy skin, energy, immunity boosts, and detoxification.

IV therapy can assist with maintaining skin elasticity. Through IV therapy hydration can help with reducing signs of aging by flushing out toxins. IV hydration supports more adequate hydration than just drinking water alone can.

Anti-aging IV therapy often includes antioxidants, which supports skin health by reducing free radicals, which are unstable molecules linked to aging. Some antioxidants used are Vitamin C, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and N-acetylcysteine. Vitamin C is the most common antioxidant. Glutathione is powerful in detoxifying the body and improving immunity. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) acts in energy metabolism and also acts as an antioxidant while protecting cells. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) plays a position in reducing oxidative stress.


Another benefit in IV therapy is boosting energy levels. B-vitamins play a role in increasing energy levels, which in turn supports a more healthy active lifestyle that supports anti-aging effects.

Healthy immunity is crucial to aging slowly, which is another benefit to IV micronutrient therapy. Common nutrients in IV solutions are vitamin C, selenium, and zinc, which are key players in a healthy immune system.

Amino Acids are protein building blocks, which aid in repairing body tissue and skin. Muscle health and improved cognition are also supported.

Alpha Lipoic Acid plays a role in the body’s defense mechanisms against oxidative stress and accelerated aging. Another powerful antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid can also help regenerate other antioxidants, further supporting the body's defenses.

Some considerations

A lot of studies on anti-aging therapies are based on oral or topical agents and not so much on IV infusions. Consulting with a healthcare provider is essential before receiving IV therapy for anti-aging when weighing out a suitable option. Additionally, infection and complications can be kept minimal if IV therapy is administered by a healthcare professional. Luckily, the VitaOasis team has more than 59 years of combined experience! A candidate’s health history and current medical conditions are determining factors to be considered before undergoing IV therapy. As part of our process, VitaOasis requires all clients to complete a comprehensive intake form and partake in a good faith exam with our medical director. 


IV therapy benefits your body by directly affecting the body’s systems. Since your skin reflects organ health, IV therapy can nourish organs and thereby improve your skin’s health and aid in reducing wrinkles. The skin-nourishing vitamins and nutrients quickly boost skin health via IV delivery, as well as flush out toxins that contribute to aging. IV therapy supports beauty from the inside out and produces rejuvenating benefits and anti-aging qualities. Are you interested in booking your infusion or have more questions? Contact us today!