Ascorbic acid-more commonly known as vitamin C-is a powerhouse nutrient used by the body to create blood vessels (a process known as angiogenesis) collagen, muscle and cartilage tissues, as well as protect cells from the damage of free radicals.


What are free radicals and how do they affect your health (and skin)?


Free radicals are the molecules your body produces either by normal cellular metabolism, or by breaking down external items such as pollution, cigarette smoke, medication, and radiation.  When these free radicals build up in your system and are not removed or reduced by natural ways (such as diet) they can cause a bodily condition known as “oxidative stress.”  Oxidative stress can cause a whole litany of issues, primarily by breaking down cellular material, damaging DNA, causing inflammation, and in some cases, diabetes and cancer.  Free radicals can be very damaging to your skin-causing wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, and dryness.  Not only this, but they can also make your skin more susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer.


How do the free radicals damage healthy cells?


In a nutshell, free radicals are molecules that are unstable.  What makes them unstable is they have an unpaired electron in it's atomic orbit.  What you may remember from high school chemistry class is that electrons long to be paired together…sort of like how circa 2002 J Lo and Ben Affleck wanted to be together but the paparazzi (aka the lonely electron) prevented this.  So, the extra unpaired free radical “steals” an electron from a healthy molecule, damaging it in the process.


How can free radicals be treated?


Free radicals can be treated by diet-ingesting foods rich in antioxidants, exercising, avoiding UV rays and sunlight, and avoiding tobacco smoke and other pollutants.  In many cases, though, these techniques do not fully reduce free radicals, as they are lurking in literally all corners of Earth.  Antioxidants are prevalent in Vitamins A, C, and E. You would have to eat an awful lot of carrots, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and avocados to get a blast of antioxidants.  The good thing is that IV vitamin C therapy exists!  IV vitamin C therapy sends a firehose of antioxidants to the tissues!  These antioxidants give up their electron to the free radicals, effectively neutralizing them and providing a prescribed attack on the toxins causing you to age!  The bonus is better-looking and healthier skin; you don’t have to eat 10 pounds of lettuce and carrots to get it!